The Softest Hoodie Ever - BlanketBlend

Posted by Parker Burr on

Our signature BlanketBlend hoodies have become a staple in the closest of thousands of people around the world. 

We've seen Brody Jenner, Whitney Fransway, Jennifer Gates, Steve Cook, Patrick Schwarzenegger and so many more wearing their BlanketBlend hoodies this year. 

So what makes the hoodie so special? Why have so many people become obsessed? 

It all starts with incredible fabric, made from scratch. We knew we wanted to make the softest hoodie ever, and in order to do this, we had to start with the fabric. 

BlanketBlend is a tri-blend, mid-weight fabric ideal for year round wear. After each hoodie is dyed, we apply our proprietary ButterWash to lock in the softness wash after wash.

The last step, flip the hoodie inside out. Fuzzy on the outside, smooth on the inside for a super comfortable, fun look and feel for all seasons. 

Discover BlanketBlend Hoodies here.



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