Socks For Somerville Homeless Coalition

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When one of the employees from Somerville Homeless Coalition handed us their business card, Parker and I noticed the wacky slogan, Working hard to put ourselves out of business since 1985. Let’s just say it took us a minute to comprehend the quirky message that they were trying to get across. That is the long-term goal of SHC and so many other homeless shelters across Boston. An article posted by the Boston Globe from December 2014 stated, “More Boston residents living in emergency shelters than in any of 25 major cities surveyed nationwide…”

 This issue is hard to ignore. As local residents ourselves, we constantly feel the severity of the situation as we walk around the city. From T-Stops, to businesses and storefronts, the problem is clear. That is why we have started this movement to provide socks to these facilities on an ongoing basis.

Although finding the entrance to Somerville Homeless Coalition served as our first feat of the day, we finally made it to our donation destination. If you follow FEAT Socks on Snapchat, you might have felt like you were following DJ Khaled on his infamous lost at sea waterski Snapstory. But it was worth it. While speaking with the director at SHC we learned that over 1000 people trickle through their food kitchen year round and SHC provides a wide range of other services for the participants.

While on our visit at SHC, we learned about their 21st Annual Somerville 5K Road Race. As the name states, this yearly race is held to raise money for the organization. If you love to run, and love to help out the community, make sure you sign up for this year’s race. It takes place October 1st 2016, and keep an eye out for the FEAT socks logo, as we are proud sponsor.

 -Bianca, Spreading Smiles


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