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“Socks are the most under donated, yet highly valuable items of the system.” – Angela Moore, Volunteer at Back on my Feet

 Young, highly engaged, and caring individuals- this describes our team at FEAT Socks. The wide range of backgrounds which this group has developed helps to form an eclectic brainstorming think tank. Collaborating with local humanitarian groups has proven to be mutually beneficial. So we began thinking of ways to make a real difference in peoples’ lives – from their feet up!

 It started with helping one family, to helping 1,000’s, FEAT is working to make donations and contributions to people, places and organizations. This blog will be a continuing documentation of our efforts, and we will share the stories we learn along the way to create awareness. It’s not the magnitude of a good deed that makes it good; it is helping to plant seeds of kindness and giving that really makes a difference.

Blank FEAT Socks 

It is no simple FEAT to make the BEST socks on the market. FEAT sock material guru, Elijah Grundel, has spent 300+ hours in facilities and even more working with his partners to develop a sock that is not only extremely comfortable, but also has the ability for color retention that prompts our socks to be referred to as, “the best on the market”. Thus we have accumulated product that feels and looks like a top market sock, but lack certain features that would put FEAT in a top position in the market. We think of them as prototypes.

These socks are not worthless. One day, we sat down and brainstormed different ways to put these socks to use. Recent college graduates, and locals to the Boston scene, we started listing organizations that we had connections to. One phone call later, we spoke with a volunteer of a local organization that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet. This is what she had to say, “Socks are the most under donated, yet highly valuable items of the system.” –Angela Moore, volunteer at Back on My Feet. This sparked an ongoing act to bring FEAT socks to a part of the community that needed us most.



-Bianca Corey, FEAT Team spreads smiles


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