Brighton High School Sock Design Contest

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“If my design wins, do I get 10% of profits?”


Today we took a two-minute walk over to our neighbors at Brighton High School to take full control of Mr. Chris Plunkett’s 6th period elective art class. Snap chatting our adventures as we left the warehouse, box of socks in hand, we asked each other what we thought we would experience during the next two hours. We had little expectations but hoped to share our story with the students and give them the opportunity to try to design the next featured FEAT sock.

The school is a massive three-story building, built like a castle. The large wooden doors open up to the front lobby, where you enter through an archway of metal detectors (perhaps more effective than a moat full of sharks?) After signing in we were led to the art classroom where we were greeted by one of the school’s counselors, Kathleen Young, and her colleague Mr. Plunkett. They explained to us that it was a half-day and it might be a struggle getting the kids to focus. Not to mention the fact that it was the last period of the day before the kids could go home. We gave each other the look, “What are we getting ourselves into?”

Besides the regular scheduled art class, Ms. Young had recruited some other budding entrepreneurs to join in our art project, thinking that they’d hear some valuable advice. We provided the students with blank FEAT socks and let their imaginations take the wheel from there. They had about 40 minutes to create their own masterpieces, and at the end we held a group art critique. Mr. Plunkett explained how an art critique usually works to the students who hadn’t participated in one before: only constructive criticism would be allowed. We all voted together on our “winning” pieces, giving away actual FEAT socks as prizes and even some FEAT t-shirts. One kid eagerly saw an opportunity and spoke up, “If my design wins, do I get 10% of profits?” Maybe some day.

The experience was so rewarding. We were able to share with these kids the inspirational history of a company that was started by a kid not too much older than they. For some of these kids, its important to see what kinds of opportunities lay before them, and what directions they can take with their lives. With enough dedication, hard work, and proper education, they too could start a company from the ground up.

We laughed together and shared musings about our favorite companies and clothing stores. Some kids even were kind enough to follow us on Instagram and our other social media platforms. Many expressed interest in participating in a job shadow, or even just getting the chance to come by the warehouse to see what we actually do all day at FEAT. There wasn’t a dull moment at Brighton High and we are sure we will make a return visit.



-Bianca, Spreading Smiles



  • Amazing what talent lies in those young minds. I have always thought that having adults come in and share what they do for a living with youth is a great way inspire them.

    Sharon Goodwin on

  • Looks like a great day for all involved…LOVED seeing the kids artwork. So validating for students to witness a successful business being run by people not much older than themselves.

    CHeryl YEmma. on

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