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Socks; the new tie of the modern man's suit.

What’s a suit without a good pair of socks? Well it’s still a suit, and it can signify seriousness of purpose, class, and good decision-making. FEAT recently teamed up with a successful non-profit organization that encourages the young men of Springfield, MA to dress their best and reach for success. Our fellow path-pavers over at Suit Up Springfield, started this non-profit with the intentions of guiding the young men in this urban community to “suit-up” and dress the way they want to be perceived. Helping with job searches, the process of interviewing, and successfully managing networking skills, Suit Up Springfield shows young men how to tie their ties and how to make lasting workplace ties.

This thought of a simple suit changing your life may at first seem simplistic, but this isn’t the only way Suit Up Springfield is making a difference. Through donations and suit drives, they are equipped to operate this mentoring program that supports an attitude of confidence and determination, which can lead tomorrow’s community leaders to succeed academically and professionally.

Founder of Suit Up Springfield, Justin Roberts, shares FEAT’s love for exciting, smile inducing socks. One of his social media outreach strategies was to launch a "sock game"; encouraging young businessmen to post photos wearing crazy socks with their business attire.

The FEAT team has been caught saying on multiple occasions that crazy cool socks are not only a conversation starter; they are a force that is hard to ignore. We reached out to the president over at Suit Up Springfield and expressed our motivation to upgrade their sock drawer. We were able to send out 100 pairs of our 2015 summer line that will absolutely give these young men a step-up in interviews and meetings. 

With Springfield hitting awfully close to home for us recent UMass Amherst grads, it was easy to see how our donation could benefit. Hopefully within the next few weeks we will be receiving some photos to share with you, because who doesn’t want to see a nicely groomed and well-dressed young man?

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-Bianca, Spreading Smiles


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