How to be a dope Startup Company

Posted by Aurelio DiMuzio on

Alright this one is gunna be short and sweet. If you're reading this you probably think having a basketball hoop, or a ping pong table, or a room full of dope snacks makes your startup company awesome. 

Try putting a f*cking pool in your warehouse, then come talk to us.No, we aren't kidding.

Parker leaves for 30 minutes to go get some snacks, and comes back with this absolute beauty. She's 18 feet wide and almost 5 feet tall. If you're wondering that's a shit ton of water. We obviously had to get some floaties (idk how to to spell that, get off my case), so we obviously went with a flamingo, avocado, and a pineapple

So yea, play another game of ping pong, or shoot a game of hoops, that sounds super sick... 

Stay tuned for the video of us trying to put this beast together!



PS. If you get to this point, that means you read this whole blog, which is f*cking awesome. Use code 'poolblog' for $5 off a pair, you earned it!


  • So cool guys, love it

    Zach on

  • Dope pool guys. Dope socks. Dope life.

    Mia Smith on

  • I want to work there! haha must be hard to stay focused….but great for content!

    Sarah on

  • This is awesome hahah hope it stays clean!

    Swag King on

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