Why Dudes Should Wear No Show Socks, By A Dude. (If you're a dude, CLICK HERE)

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I've been quoted saying something along the lines of 'a man's ankles are equivalent to a woman's cleavage.' For example, When a guy sees a woman's cleavage he immediately becomes intrigued. It's science. 

Now I want to go out on a limb here and say 'when girls see a man's ankles between some fresh summer kicks and some perfectly rolled pants, they become intrigued.'

And before I go any farther I don't want you to assume me saying that a man's ankles are as sexy as a woman's cleavage, but I do want you to assume they can be equivalent in use to attract the opposite sex. 

For example here are men in socks, no show socks:

 men wearing no show socks which are novelty socks.

These guys look approachable, they look casual and most importantly they look dope. And why? Is it the dress shirt? or the expensive watch or jeans? Maybe those things have something to do with it, but it's the exposed ankles that do the majority of the heavy lifting in my opinion and that of many hot girls.

here's a picture of a celebrity wearing no show socks, to further validate my point. David Beckham wearing no show socks


Especially now that it is June, no show socks are vital for every man during these blazing summer months. These aren't just any socks, they are novelty socks! They play an essential role in your summer wardrobe and most importantly your comfortability. You want everyone to think you're not wearing socks when you actually are. 


1. Because they elevate your style game and your overall swag.

2. Because you don't want to smell. Your feet are covered in thousands of sweat glands that with out proper attention can be exposed to excess sweating and unpleasant odors. Let's be real. You don't want dirty, smelly feet covered in blisters do you?.

If you do, just wear shoes with no socks.

If you don't, buy some 'no show socks.'

3. Because you want to keep your shoes. If you ruin your shoes with the smell of gross ass feet, you'll never be able to wear then again.  Thats money outta yo pocket!

 The difference between no shocks and no shows

So, do yourself a favor and get some no show socks. You will see a steady increase in numbers pulled and impressions made.


see you online. 


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