This Crazy Sock Company Called Out Chubbies Shorts

Posted by Aurelio DiMuzio on

your move Chubbies...


No in all seriousness, Chubbies is one of the companies we look up to the most. They have a dope product, unreal social media, and awesome people that make up their company. So, they pretty much do everything right.


We had this crazy idea; Let's challenge them to a little playful SOCIAL MEDIA BATTLE as to who can make their office the coolest? If you're reading this you probably already know that FEAT Socks holds it down with pretty much the dopest office activities of all time, especially with the addition of our new in ground infinity pool that was just installed in the warehouse*.



*not in ground, not infinity, but it's for sure a pool

and yeah....this is the first step in potentially waging an all out, online, battle royal between two young crazy and fun brands. If you wanna see an epic battle between FEAT and Chubbies, share this on Facebook, tag Chubbies and let's see if they have the balls (basketballs and ping pong balls) to fire something back.






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