Nerdy Gift Ideas

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Nerdy Gift Ideas!

Let's be real, I'm the biggest nerd. Yesterday, Taylor made fun of me for always bringing a book to the office. He asked me how many hours I spend reading books. I told him about the omnipresent guilt that I feel when I know I am not reading. At least, when I have it with me everywhere I go, I'm one step closer!

Too bad, I haven't actually started reading the book that he always sees me holding (It's Norwegian Wood, if you're curious).

Actually. Now that I remember... Annie and Brent were also making fun of me for owning beaker shot glasses in college. Screw you all!

I know I am not the only one in this. A ton of people are searching for nerdy gift ideas. Literature is cool! Science is fun! Anyway, here we go: Nerdy Gift Ideas!

1. Star Wars Rey's Backpack - $59.99

Rey's Backpack

Am I dreaming? This is crazy! I love Rey. I love her storyline. Also, teach the children that they can be the main protagonists! Rey did not need no man. She killed it! This backpack is also made of vegan faux leather. Apparently, you can purchase this at Gamestop! (Did you enjoy that trail of thought? I'm all over the place. Hahaha!)

2. Pop Figurines


I die whenever I see these in stores. They are so cute! 

3. Piets - $9.99


I'm an art history nerd so these have always been one of my favorites. Inspired by Piet Mondrian's most famous art piece, Composition II. Also, they're warmer than any of our synthetic blends. 

4. White Pages - $14.99

White Pages

Another one of my favorites! I also love the old school design. Do you kids still write on pages like these?

5. Totoro Onesie - $14.99

Totoro Onesie

I also WANT this! Can you imagine Christmas day mornings in a Totoro onesie? Also, if you've never seen My Neighbor Totoro, do it now. It's adorable!

Goodluck! ;)


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