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I like to call myself a connoisseur. I've been on various monthly boxes in beauty, in fashion, in food, and in razors and I think that FEAT Socks' monthly gift box is the best - if I do say so myself. Here's why:

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1. We choose the socks based on the Lunar calendar. This Thursday morning, a Full Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn. This invites us to find a balance between the opposing energies by sending people Pay Days and Cotton Candies.

2. Bambams. Who doesn't want Bambams.

3. Taylor's DNA is on it. He touches every single subscription box.

4. Parker delivers every single one using the drone in our office.

5. I sacrifice my ration of Sun Chips every day to make sure every subscription box is delivered on time. (Parker only feeds us with Sun Chips. Costco is too far from our office.) 

6. I am a Russian Spy but we will get back to that later.

7. Gabe sells all the smalls. ALL THE SMALLS. I REPEAT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. ALL THE SMALLS. STOP ASKING ABOUT THE SMALLS. GABE SOLD ALL THE SMALLS. (This is the only way you can guarantee yourself a small.)

8. It's convenient and you will get them on time because that's Annie's job. If you don't get it on time, look in the mirror and whisper Annie's name. It will show up. No doubt. (Don't doubt me.)

9. Today is homemade bread day. We are just trying to make some dough. Buy the socks.

10. Jio is just trying his best ok? Everyone shut up.


Shut up.


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