Men's State of Sock

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These days its easier to notice people wearing socks, especially men in socks, and thats because of how LOUD socks have become. 

The times have changed. We no longer live in a world where we are expected to fit in. Instead we are encouraged to be be ourselves and express our own creativity and individuality. 

sock featured above : Bam Bam

Men are no longer constrained on what socks to wear nor on how to wear them. Instead we are now mis-matching our socks and taking risks on colors and patterns. BECAUSE WHO CARES ANYMORE. It isn't taboo to have tattoos in the work place (that rhymed) and its not cool to wear black socks anymore.

Mens Novelty Socks are the thang! 

How To Wear MisMatched Socks, FEAT Socks

socks featured above: Rugby Golds 

So take a risk, have some fun and most importantly let loose! Wear some wild and crazy socks and do you!



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