It Me, Parker Brrrrrrrrrrr from FEAT Socks

Posted by Krystle Ongjanco on

Hey, everyone!

It's Parker. Just here to talk about boring things that no one cares about. I'm also going to turn on my Facebook live to show people how I do the boring things that I do:

1. We will be moving to a new warehouse next week.. I am really excited because finally, I can have more space for the best novelty socks in my office. I plan to fill the walls with all the bam bams. I think they're cool.

Parker Burr for FEAT Socks

2. Silly socks for men is the coolest idea I've ever had.

3. We are getting your socks shipped soon! Don't worry.

4. I love Lacrosse. I wish it was as popular as basketball.

5. I need to stop ignoring Krystle so she can write my blog entries better....



.. Woops, did I just admit that this is actually Krystle? Sorry, Parker. I think the world deserves to see your selfie.


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