How to get FEATURED on a brand's Instagram Account!

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Want To Be FEATured on our Instagram? 

Everyone wants to boost their social media numbers, whether they admit it or not. So don’t be ashamed if you’re trying to get posted by some larger accounts, hoping to gain more followers.  We’ve all been there, I know I have.


Do you want to know any easy way to get featured on our Instagram ? Take a great photo with a pair of FEAT socks on, post it on instagram and tag us!


We’re always looking for new, creative people to collaborate and work with, for new views and different walks of life. So as Nike says, “just do it”

It’s as simple as that…..seriously

Willie Jones photographed wearing FEAT Socks 

 Above: Willie Jones took a great pic in our Freaky Tikis and we obviously posted it on IG!


Put yourself out there and see what happens…

 You may ask what could happen?

Well, someone will probably talk shit, someone will definitely commend you, and who knows...maybe someone will send you a pair of FREE SOCKS!

 It’s worth a shot (get it....shot? Like picture?) 


See you online



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