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Holiday Gift Guide? What? Didn't you already do that? First of all, awwww, you really follow us *heart* *heart* but also this one will be different. I will feature other brands too that I think are super rad.

Rihanna gushing

Okay, here we go. This first gift guide will be for everyone looking for gifts under $50. These are gifts for your co-workers, your friends, your classmates, your cousins or anyone you give little trinklets to.


I present to you...


1. Cat Headphones - $40 but they are always on sale

Krystle Ongjanco Cat Headphones

I love these headphones. I bought them my first week at FEAT Socks so I can focus more. Also, because everyone has the apple headphones, I didn't want Taylor to steal mine. ;) I have really small ears so regular in-ear headphones don't fit my ears and other over-the-ear headphones swallow my whole ear. This is great for all you small ear babes. Buy them and we can match. <3

2. Winky Embroidered Pillow - also $39

Pillow from Urban Outfitters

I love throw pillows. You don't even know. I feel like I'm a responsible human whenever all my throw pillows are arranged properly on my bed and on my couch. All my former roommates can attest to this. Hahaha! Also, whoever you give this to will remember you every day when they clean their home. How great is that? It's a neutral color too so it would match any decor.

3. Oversized Scarf - $11.99 but also Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Oversized Scarf Etsy

Cute, right? And gender neutral! Also, everyone should support small businesses! I love this gift because it's cozy and fitting for the holidays. Your person will wear it the next day, for sure!

4. Metropolitans - $9.99 used to be 14.99

FEAT Metropolitan

Did you really think I wasn't going to feature any of our socks? Hahaha! I'm obsessed with this design. I saw a grandpa wearing this recently and it was so adorable. They're made from really thick cotton fabric that's perfect for the cold gloomy winter. Buy these for your quirky friend and your adorable grandpas!

5. Personalized Cheese Board - $29.99

Personalized Cheese Board

People love seeing their names on things. Remember in elementary school when someone sits on your chair and you say, "Hey, that's my chair!" and they're like, "Is your name on it?" With this cheese board, your name could be on it.

6. Plants!


I can't recommend you a website because I feel like you should purchase this locally. If you live in Los Angeles, there's a place on Main Street in Venice that sells cool pots and plants. It's right next to Free People. 

7. Snow Angels - $14.99

FEAT Snow Angels

Remember what I said about gifts that fit the holiday theme? This is another one of those! It's easy to be a grinch during the holidays but it's harder to be a grinch when you have all these Christmasy gifts! Also, if your friend is not about Christmas, snowflakes are non-denominational. If you don't know what that means, here's a Google excerpt:

A non-denominational person or organization is not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination.

8. Bike Bag - $27.00

Bike Bag

Holy crap! This is my best find! It's so cheap and it's so cute. I almost want to buy it for myself but alas! ;)

9. Books - $10.71

On The Road

I like giving people my favorite books so I can talk about it with them. I feel like it's also an insight to how I think and what caused me to think this way, if you know what I mean. This will be great wrapped in twine with a few of packets of tea. 

10. iPhone Chargers - $24.99

Native Union

(I love this one more but it's backordered :( I'm sad about it. )

Nomad Charger

iPhone chargers are the best gifts because you can never have enough (unless you're an Android user.. in that case, woops!) 

Phew! We did it! 10 gifts under $50!

I'm pretty proud of myself. These are all things that I would want for Christmas. Hahaha!

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'll try to do another one of these soon!



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