FEAT Socks' Snack Stash

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Taylor tapped me on the shoulder last Friday, saying "I need you to write a blog post about our snack stash." It was weird. I don't know why everyone needs to know this but he also handles the payroll.

And thus, Happy Monday! Let's talk about FEAT Socks, the best men's gift socks/the best sock subscription/best men sock club 's pantry.

FEAT Socks Snacks

When I first started at FEAT socks, we did not have any snacks. We were all always hungry. For Halloween, I think Taylor felt bad so he gave us his leftover chocolates. We were peasants. We ate every crumb. Brent and I shared small Hershey Chocolate bars to get us through the day. A few days later, after I generated a ton of sales, I mustered some bravery and asked Taylor for his credit card.

I said something like,

"Yup, customer support slash sales and now maybe, doing a Costco run?"

Surprisingly, he said yes. It must be because I was holding the last Hershey kiss hostage but I wasn't going to let it pass.

I quickly ran to my car and drove to Costco. Suffice it to say, it was heaven.

I tried every snack.

I walked every aisle.

I grabbed peanut butter pretzels, sugar-free red bulls, chocolates, trail mixes, Sun chips, Doritos, Welch's gummies, Chez Mix, Cheez Its.........

And coffee creamer.



It's been two weeks since that Costco run, now I'm going to try to get a coffee maker.


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