FEAT Socks Party?

Posted by Krystle Ongjanco on

I've been thinking about our customers constantly for a few days now. Ultimately, FEAT Socks is customer-driven. We care about you and we want you to love us but how do we ensure that you had a good customer experience, worthy of a 7-star rating?

Hmm. So how can we do this. If you have any ideas, email me at krystle@featsocks.com. We might throw a party in our warehouse and invite people that have supported FEAT Socks in the past. This is still an idea though. Nothing is concrete but I think it would be fun. I'd love to meet and get to know everyone who loves us! We can all talk about our passions outside FEAT Socks and be friends! ;)

I also thought about a mini silly award show for our sock designs. The sock that receives the most vote will be sold for 50% off that week.

Or maybe we can just have a sock making competition using anything but socks. Everyone can send us their socks made out of random materials. The winner will receive a free mystery box.

What do you guys think? Like I said, email me and we will see which ones we can do!


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