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Posted by Krystle Ongjanco on

It's the day after the flash sales -- that was a good run. We sold a ton of socks. Jio secretly hates all of us because everyone wants their socks tomorrow but we will conquer. Hopefully, by the end of the week, everyone has their socks. ;)


 FEAT Socks Black Friday Shoppers


Jio stressed in FEAT Socks


We also have been receiving snacks from everyone! I appreciate it, mostly, since I snack throughout the day. 

Anyway, today in honor of all the lost socks, we are launching our replacement sock. We are giving one sock, which you can use if you lose one of your socks from a matching pair.

Every order today will come a replacement sock, simply one sock that says "I lost my other sock". Write the word "Replacement sock" in your order notes!

It's an idea that we have been toying with since the beginning of FEAT socks. This design went through a ton of meetings and design phases. Each one of us had an input on what we are going to have on the sock so I am really proud of this. This will be a limited offer for now so you should grab a pair!



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