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Have you read my medium post? You should read it (The Secret to Zuckerberg). I like it. It's a fun article. Do it nooooow!

Anyway, I've been busy doing production things lately. We released a Valentine's Day Date Pack. I personally wrote all of the date cards. You'll see my handwriting on most of them. Also, donut socks? Who doesn't want donuts on their socks? Donuts are awesome! (I was just in a conversation with one of our new hires about Blue Star Donuts... )

This is all over the place. Let me pick a topic and stick to it:

Let's talk about the wool socks.

When I first started doing retail for FEAT Socks, people kept on asking me if they wick. I didn't know what that was back then but after doing a ton of research, I found all these different blends that prevent people from having smelly feet. Apparently, wool socks are the best at this so we designed the best wools socks for sweaty feet!

1. Appalachians

FEAT Socks - Appalachians

2. Snow Caps

FEAT Socks - Snow Caps

Even if I live in Los Angeles, I live in these now. They are super comfy and warm. I like how they are tight in the right places. I also used them when I went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. They held up well in a snow storm. I was warm and toasty!

Yeah, wool socks.

They're cool.



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