FEAT Socks Friday, oh my balls!

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Wow, we made it. Would you look at that! Grab your favorite underwear and your weekend socks and let the weekend roll!

Taylor's Weekend

(I am trying really hard not to say exactly what Taylor said in the email but yup, we are releasing 7 new designs in the coming days.... bulldogs and cats socks are now live!)

Anyway, have I told you about why we write these blogs? It's actually for SEO. We are trying to keep the website fresh so we can rank higher on search engines. In the way, we are also ranking on popular keywords, which allows us to get people to look on our website. I know, it's weird and different but that's how Google's algorithm works.

Check out these random keywords people search for:

1. socks off - has 880 monthly searches (WHAT). What does even mean? Why would you ever search socks off? For images of people's feet because they took their socks off? Why not just search feet? I don't know but people google that.

- I did google it though. There's actually a shoe and sock challenge where you try to take off your shoes and socks while laying in your stomach. Genius filler content. I'm about it. I'll convince Taylor to do this with me later.

2. Shoes and shocks - 320 monthly searches. Also, what?! Who is googling this? Is this just a typo?

3. Heated ski socks - alright, that sounds super rad. I want socks that heat up.

Okay, you get the point.

It's a marketing strategy. Sometimes it sounds a little off but bear with me. It's all for a reason.

Things that are happening in the office:

Taylor just finished our bag of Halloween chocolates. Every day, he tells me not to feed Blake the dog some chocolate and to save them for him. 

Parker is cleaning Blake's poop. Yesterday, he made a rule that says whoever sees the poop first has to clean it. I don't think this is going as well as he thought it would.


I want to get Korean BBQ tonight. I might go to Korea Town. Do some Karaoke... ya know. What are your plans?

No plans is ok too.

I love...




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