FEAT for the Holidays- Daylight Savings Time ramble

Posted by Krystle Ongjanco on

Good morning, world! Rise and shine! It's a new week! I'm in a good mood today because of daylight savings. What a time to be alive. We get an extra hour of sleep. For once, I am not late. Can we do this every month for fall/winter? (I love that time is relative)

Alright, let's get started on this blog. I have to make fun of Taylor for doing the mannequin challenge in the office instead of working soon.

How are your weekends? I was in New York this weekend. It was great. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Everyone is looking for holiday gifts for men and holiday gifts for athletes. Little did they know, FEAT socks are the best stocking stuffers for the holidays. Gotta love these unique colorful socks.


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