Do you remember when Snapchat did not exist?

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How's your Monday going? It rained in Los Angeles last night! Mmm, LA rainfall. It was great. I played Sixpence None The Richer all night.

Don't judge my emo.

I was young and angsty too.

Anyway, before you make assumptions about me, let's talk about Snapchat.

Donald Trump Snapchat

I don't check my Twitter that often anymore. I haven't seen the end of my Instagram feed in months. But my Snapchat? I've watched every single mundane 10-second story video, from brunches with friends to Kylie Jenner's new puppies. All of it.

Speaking of Snapchat, last weekend, we released a bunch of new designs/new socks:

1. Monday Friday

2. Beam Queens 

3. Miracles 

4. Cats Meow

5. Blake da Bulldogs

Also, this morning:

6. Pink Ladies

7. Panda, Panda, Panda

Like most of our socks, we only have a few of these so you have to get them sooner! But, if you want to take a risk, we will be having a 24-hour live broadcast on Facebook this Black Friday. Taylor will be giving out a ton of discounts and free socks! Best black Friday deals 2016, if I do say so myself.

PS. I didn't go karaoke-ing last Friday. I slept instead.


PPPS. Black Friday Gift Guide 2016


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