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Dear Taylor (co-founder of FEAT Socks/ co-founder of the best socks in United States),

First of all, I'm sorry I was late. I couldn't find parking because of street cleaning but that's not what I meant by write a blog with the keywords I gave you. You have to write an article that google will give value to with keywords like: novelty socks in Los Angeles and novelty socks for women. I told you to give me a blog post that talks about the beginnings of FEAT socks. Kinda like this about us but in first person. Tell me how you actually felt, you know what I mean?

You're so annoying. I don't even know how to SEO anymore. What even is semantic? Life doesn't make sense? Why do we write blogs? Google, get your act together and value us!

Anyway, since the holidays are coming up, we should start getting ready for sales. We need to make sure that when people search for holiday gift guide 2016 or holiday stocking stuffers 2016, our website comes up.

FEAT Socks for the Holidays


..what I'm trying to say is, can you please look at the links I've been sending you? They're not all memes! I swear!

Sincerely FEAT's,

Krystle Ongjanco/the SEO expert turned blogger


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