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New samples and packaging are in for 2016. Here's a preview of some of your favorites that are carrying over into this season as well as new styles that we have been working hard on the past four months. Now if you follow our Instagram account @behindthefeat, you have seen some pictures, but I would like to explain a bit more about the physical and visual qualities of our new line.

I know when I read blogs from companies, I'm always wondering who's voice is representing the company. Is it the accountant, ceo, designer, salesman, or the new intern? So starting today we are going to be giving some background information on ourselves and our positions within FEAT.

I'm Andy, now there isn't a hierarchy of titles here, we all work as a collective to build the brand equally. But, you can consider me as the lead designer, photographer, and simply the person who works to convey FEAT's identity to you. I started working with FEAT in October 2015 as just a freelance designer that helped design a few socks with little expectation of this being my current full time job. Fast forward a month and a half, and we created the catalog for Spring 2016 that you can view on our website (go ahead and take a look at that if you haven't yet) and preview the product that will be in select retailers March 2016.

So how we came up with the designs and each line of product for was based off our slogan #weartheweekend. We wanted to design socks in a certain manner and break them down by which time of the week fits best for you the customer, and also how they fit into our timeline as a brand.

The Throwback Thursdays are our carryovers' from last season that are similar material to last season with an improved print, stretch and compression features, as well as a softer synthetic blend.

The Weekdays are a stitched cotton sock that are subtle, but still make a statement in the office. 

The casual Fridays feature many louder styles as well as subtle, to suit your boss's preferences.

And lastly the Weekends are a new venture of design for FEAT as a brand and feature more reserved styles that relate to 90's and Boston culture.

Since we are a Boston based company all of the pictures were photographed in Boston, particularly Somerville, to stay authentic to our everyday lifestyles. We aren't always on sunny beaches or hiking in the mountains, we're here in Boston working to make the best socks available for you.  

Look for more features from the rest of the team at FEAT.




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