Thank Your Mentor --- Vinnie Daboul

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As the end of the year rolls around, we have spent a lot of time looking back and reflecting on what a year it has been. We encourage everyone reading this to give thanks. Give thanks to your mentor, your friend, your parents, anyone that has helped or inspired you this year.

Someone we can never thank enough is Vinnie Daboul. Vinnie believed in us when no one else did. He introduced us to our first investor, when we had no idea how we could raise money. Whether it is 12:30 PM or AM, we know whenever we call he will answer. He is the first person we ask for advice on every business decision, big or small.

Even to this day Vinne (over)pays for our socks. He'll come in for 5 pairs and give us $100. He never wants anything in return, and he really cares about us and the business. It's the unconditional type of love a parent gives a child. No one loves FEAT more than Vinnie, and FEAT will be forever indebted to him.

Vinnie inspired us to reach boundaries we could never even dream of, and we will never be able to repay him for everything he has done for us. 

Thanks for everything you have done so far Vinnie, can't wait to do bigger and better things in 2016!


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