10 things to do for your Dad on a BUDGET.

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Everyone should try to do something nice for their Dad especially on Father's Day.  But everyone also doesn't have a bunch of money to blow, even if it is on your Father. 

Go to a Farmers Market

Father's Day at the Farmer's Market, Been Afleck and Children

Fresh food, grown by someone who cares about food. Sure the prices maybe a little higher, buuuut the samples are abundant! 

Go To a Museum (free)

Peter Griffin a dad at a museum on fathers day

You can learn and laugh. 

Go Fishing

 Father and Son fish, Father's Day Tradition

Though a great father’s day cliche, going fishing isn’t about the fish, it's about the quality time spent in nature with your father, doing something he did with his father. It’s a time honored tradition that is essential for a father’s relation.

Go Play the Local Par 3

Father and Son play golf on fathers day


If Pop’s back is allowing,  go crush 9 holes. It's a good way to kill a couple hours, its fun and you'll learn something new about your Dad.

Buy Him some fresh Socks / Undies

FEAT SOCKS make great gifts 


There’s nothing like putting on a fresh pair and the man who has given you half of everything deserves some freshies

Local Father’s Day Car Show (Free)

Father's Day Car Show

Who doesn’t like cars. There will be plenty that take Dad down memory lane and spark old stories that you’ll love to hear.

Cook For Him

Breakfast in Bed for Fathers Day

Your Dad has been feeding your ass for your entire life whether you realize it or not so returning the favor will be much appreciated. Don’t worry if your not Bobby Flay, they say everything cooked with love tastes good...and you love your Dad right?

Have A BBQ

Father's Day BBQ 


Get your friends and their dads and make it a small get together, invite some of your dad’s homies and create a new marinade together.

Frame An old Photo   

Old Photo of Father and Son, Will and Jaden Smith

You don’t have to go to aaron brothers to get a frame, places like Marshalls, Ross and even the dollar store has great frames and besides unless your Dad is martha stewart i don’t think he’d know the difference.


Build something

Father and Son build on Father's Day 

Anything really. Pull out the old tool box, gets some lumber, and build away.

Get Wasted

Drinking a Beer with Dad on Father's Day

There’s something magical about cracking open a cold one with your Dad, enjoy it while you can.



Whether you and your Dad have the best or not the best relationship, He is your Dad and deserves at least some respect. So make an effort, doesn't matter if its big or small, just do something nice for your pops...you would be dead without him. 








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